You did me dirty, now I'm gonna live a life without you

1. Steal anything from this site and I will hurt you!: Not really, but it's very rude to steal. And illegal. So if you've stolen something and I find out about it, you will be banned.
2. Wallpapers are for personal use only!: If you display your desktop on your site, and are using one of my wallpapers, please use the screenshot to link my site. You may not use my wallpapers to make art of your own.
3. Colorizations and blends are for viewing purposes only!: If you want to use either to make a wallpaper or layout, please ASK!
4. Covers are for personal use only!: Just what it says. You can use them in your iTunes or whatever. If you like it enough to display, please ask to do so first. And, if I say yes, make sure you let people know where you got it.
5. Please ask before archiving: If you want to archive any piece of my fanart somewhere (*snorts* yea, right), please ASK ME FIRST!

I will most likely say yes to those last three things, but I need to be asked. And it'd be awesome if you showed me the final product too. ^_^